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Avis aux partenaires de l'économie intéressés 


La HEIG-VD participera à la compétition Robocup, aux Etats-Unis, du 1er au 10 juillet 2007, dans la ligue Robocup-at-Home, où il s'agit de montrer un robot coopératif, capable d'assister l'humain dans son chez-soi.


Dans ce contexte, il existe notamment la possibilité d'être très visible, pour des entreprises que la robotique concerne. Voir ci-dessous. 


Dear Dr. Dessimoz:

 Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the official marketing agency for RoboCup 2007 at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta.  We are excited about your participation in this year's event and we welcome you to the beautiful city of Atlanta and Georgia Tech!

 We would like to invite corporate sponsors and supporters from your country to become sponsors of  RoboCup 2007 and to take advantage of the unique public relations and marketing opportunities available in connection with this event; plus to present themselves to the participants, faculty members and visiting audience.

 Dr. Dessimoz,   we would be delighted to compensate you (note de J.-D. Dessimoz: non merci, pas pour moi!) for any introduction to corporate sponsors of  RoboCup 2007 from your country.

 From our point of view, it makes good sense to invite companies from your country to sponsor the event, since your university is a participant in this year's challenge.

 If you wish, you can introduce potential corporate sponsors from your country directly to us, or let us communicate with them through you personally.

 We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you in Atlanta.

 Best regards,

 Gunter Harz,

 Chairman, Marketing Advisory Board RoboCup 2007

 303-681 3653 tel

303-681 3647 fx

 Assistant, Teresa Ippoliti