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The 2009 World competition Robocup has involved, mostly like other years, soccer-playing robots of many kinds: simulation, small robots, legged robots, for juniors, etc. as well as some more applied domains: rescue, and  help at home .

It has been organized in Graz, Austria. Link: click here.

Switzerland  has been present there in several ways. In particular, we can mention Cyberbotics for many contributions in general simulation and also in simulation and programming of humanoids; Maxon motors usually are very much used in robocup robots; HESSO.HEIG-VD had a team again in the At-Home league, and a new team in  Festo Hockey Challenge; also new this year: a team in RobocupJunior (Soccer) with the Gymnasium (high-school) Muenchenstein; and a second team in RobocupJunior (Rescue) from Chur . ETHZ was, like in 2007, present in the "Nano Soccer Demonstration League".