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Dear friends

The rules of Eurobot Junior and Eurobot are ready now, but only in French.
We built a team so to translate them as quickly as possible. Dissemination should be at last in 2 weeks, hopefully before.
If some people perfectly fluent in french and english want to help, contact me, I’ll forward the info to the person in charge of the coordination of that task.

Of course, rules are to be release at the same time in all countries, so that all teams are equally managed.

Today, we publish 2 documents:
PowerPoint presenting the playing field, the actions and constraints, the scoring
Appendix: schemes and other technical information
This for both contests (so 4 documents :-)

These documents are also the one presented to teams attending, this week-end, the French and the Belgium “launching” of the event.
Messages have been sent on the forum few minutes ago:



Eurobot Junior:

I kindly ask you to inform the teams of your country
ndeed, the forum is probably the best way to inform the teams of your country: they will be able to ask us the questions they may have after reading these 2 documents, they will know about the finale release, they can start to debate with other teams, etc.

Best regards

Véronique Raoul
President of Eurobot association
c/o Planète Sciences – 16 Place Jacques Brel – 91130 Ris-Orangis - France



Accès direct:



   Diapos powerpointSoon (2.8 Mb), Présentation pdfSoon (5.7 Mb)  

Eurobot Junior :

    Diapos powerpointSoon (2.1 Mb) , Présentation pdfSoon  (11 Mb)